The headline on Time magazine online edition read “The ban on gay men donating blood might be going away”[1]. Notice they don’t say LGBT. Does this mean that HIV/THREATS are only affecting men? It doesn’t affect T’s or L’s or B’s? It’s only a G problem?

When we read the fine print the headline doesn’t exactly match what FDA is proposing.

FDA is seeking input from those interested in adding their 2 cents to consider what they think is a good next step.

you can read the details here

Here is a part of the summary

SUMMARY: The Food and Drug Adminis


They seek opinion based on recent scientific data and considering changing from a “risk behavior” model to individual assessment of risk behavior.

That’s like piling dog shit on a pile of trash and saying “This is a better pile of garbage”.

It’s like only taking data that’s recent regarding a current train wreck in order to prevent other train wrecks when new data ignores the old data and the old data contains the truth about how the companies that make the rails skimped on the quality of steel they used in thousands of miles of track laid down already, and misinterpreted some x-ray photographs of the molecular structure of the steel, whereas no politician or official anywhere wants to tell the public that there was a made a mistake, and that all government agencies that were supposed to be protecting the public screwed up, and that many or all train wrecks in the last 32 years were caused by bad track as the uproar would be worse than the noise inside a vortex tornado during a fake massacre featuring fireworks at the Bataclan Theatre where heavy metal band who’s name I already forgot was playing and acting.

All HIV research is based on a faulty theory (one that ignores that dirty flying mosquito needles can transmit any virus) and faulty so called evidence which is little more than interpretations of slices and dices of viral particles also known as cellular debris which are subject to a wild array of interpretations, none of which can definitively be deemed absolute causation.

Until these authoritease can admit that there is a flaw in the very track laid down for the HIV train to ride, all rides are subject to catastrophic failures.

But as government and mindsets and HIV/COMMERCE goes, don’t expect to see any dumping of the trash, or re-evaluating the quality of the track anytime soon. Still, at least we have gotten this far where they see that there is a serious flaw in discriminating against blood when blood doesn’t even have a gender and there is since 1984 supposedly a “test that finds immune deficiency viruses” when in fact they don’t find any such thing unless you want to believe that testing for catastrophic failures finds infected tracks.

[1] – Time article

[2] – “Dance to the Berdache” – feature image Sac and Fox Nation ceremonial dance to celebrate the two-spirit person. George Catlin (1796–1872); Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. Image is in the public domain. Native Indians didn’t have issues regarding blood or marriage like governments do. Governments have often set out to purposefully spill Native Indians and other “enemies” blood. Has anyone thought of banning blood spills? How can government justify blood spills when it has no way of knowing which soldiers have had sex with other men? Is war blood spilling safe? Shouldn’t government practice safe war, making all soldiers wear body condoms so that blood is never spilled in order to prevent the spread of ISV (Immune System Viruses) especially on a windy day where atomized particles of male blood that had sex with other male blood are swept up into the air and spread all over the world? Someday those who follow their leaders and those who lead who have banned blood that is homosexual will see how stupid all this HIV nonsense is which contradicts itself left and right. For now, invest in blinders.