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“Zika virus and West Nile virus can be transmitted through a mosquito bite” so it is said by the officials.

To keep this in perspective, Hitler was also an official. Dads and dads and moms and moms are also officials in their equal marriage at home with their kids. They can be loving and kind and/or rule with an iron fist. They can be correct, they can make mistakes and insist on being correct just like that person with whom you debate political issues.

Questioning the judgement, rules, orders, and conclusions reached by officials is paramount, especially when finding the world in an endless virus war.

So here we once again find ourselves bombarded with the claim of a particular transmission route of particular viruses that are particularly interested in only hitching rides on particular mosquitoes. Let’s ask ourselves though, even though we are not officials, what particular property make these two viruses transmissionable by only certain mosquitoes and not others? Are the other varieties of viruses too heavy for certain breeds of mosquitoes to carry? Do certain mosquitoes say “Buzz off!”?

We should ask all scientists and those who disseminate their claims, to provide precise explanations regarding that question and ask if the viruses they claim are transmittable by mosquitoes can also be transmitted by syringes (or dirty needles). Seems all viruses, since they are stupid particles of matter that are not living things, which are all in similar size and weight, are able to be found attached to many things and routes. By all indications viruses receive equal treatment by many transmission routes.

You may want to stick that male information into this female connection and see where it goes from there.

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a computer router that transmits 2 numbers electronically – image courtesy of user Asim18