Fortune published an image of some Olympic athletes supporting the use of condoms to stop the spread of Zika.

OMG/ROFL – that stands for Oh My God causing Rolling On Floor Liking like how HIV/AIDS stands for Humanities Immunodeficiency Vehicles Are Indiscriminate Differential Sanctions

Oddly, nothing is stated about breathing in the virus. All virus particles become airborne. All claims of certain forms of transmission are erroneous and/or fradulent. Any virus there is can enter the body by lungs, mouth, anus, broken skin, or eye, nose, ear canal.

Viruses are not the problem! Bad information that goes viral is the problem.

If a virus was the problem than anyone who breathes can get Zika or Immune-o-deficiency like they do In-flu-enza viruses.

Similarly, the body creates IR (Immune Response) with antibodies to wipe it off the map. Basically this is like how a cleaning lady or man will come in and get rid of the dirt. Unfortunately the dirt returns but it’s not the same dirt, it’s different dirt that looks the same and named the same.

If people could understand that naming viruses is like looking at all the names in the phone book (do those still exist?) and naming dirt and worrying that all the “Smiths” or dirt particles are killers because the news reported that someone named Smith killed someone or the dirt was found to have caused a malfunction in a bearing, people might just get a clue.