If we could think of viruses as races, or better yet, Gods, the races to find solutions in virus relations would come into focus. Mixed marriages between those viruses that commit to each other would end, or flourish as the governments that create laws forbidding such homoparacitic acts would be repealed as they were in South Africa for mixed marriages between humans [1] which are all made from viruses [2] whereas such mixups were ended only one year after the United States of A Mania started other mixups and declared that the probable cause (not definite cause) of immune problem acquisitions was only one race of viruses named LHIV or Lavender Human Immun-e-i-e-i-o-deficiency Viruses [3].


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Image credit – Diagram of the names of God in Oedipus Aegyptiacus made by Athanasius Kircher in the 17th century and is in the public domain is a drawing of the many names given to the same thing, God or GOD. Take a look at some of his other works by clicking on his name. Oedipus Aegyptiacus is the name of the Supreme Work of Athanasius Kircher. It has a subcategory (like viruses have subcategories) called Bembine table of Isis‎. Isis is a Roman goddess as seen in Egyptian statues. Starting in 2014 ISIS is also the name given to certain terrorist organizations that practice extreme religious ideas. The two terms are said exactly the same, yet are very different in what they describe even though they are pronounced identically and can look identical, much like how viruses can look identical yet be very different whereas testing modalities cannot distinguish these differences.