Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what is being expressed in art and acronyms. In the case of the obscure term used by an ever evolving community of sexuals and questionals there is one I just finally figured out. It’s the “L” in LBTG and LTGBQ, it’s lavender.

Since the “G” is “gay” and stands for both women and men homosexuals, this “L” always had me perplexed. Some kept saying it was “lesbian” but no one likes that word so that didn’t make any sense. Besides that, the G covered both men and women and it would have been giving unequal preferential treatment to WOG’s (women of gay) and MOG’s (men of gay).

Lavenders are those who are in opposite sex marriages but are homosexuals.


Lavender marriage – Wikipedia, May 7, 2016

Image credit – Georgian calligraphy from the 18th century – source საქართველოს ეროვნული არქივი (