The CDC (USA’s Centers for Disease Control who all have good salaries and pensions paid for with tax dollars) has told pregnant women to avoid parts of Miami because of the threat of Zika. So what happens when the virus travels across town and then spreads to every part of the globe? Warn everyone to avoid Earth? Will we soon have see pregnant women being sent to Mars to avoid Zika on Earth?




Space travel, it’s what viruses do, travel through the space between cities, cracks, crevices, they go everywhere like dirt.

Since the air is the biggest carrier OF ALL VIRUSES known and not known to man and virus hunting freaks, anywhere the wind blows, these viruses travel. That is a scientific fact. Why don’t they tell us this? Are these people on Mars?

Zika, West and East Nile, and HIV are everywhere now, routinely injected by all types of mosquitoes who carry dirty syringes and share them with their hosts and victims so where is the CDC going to tell people to go to avoid all these threats, Mars or the moon is all we have left, oh, and I guess Pluto, you know, that planet that was a planet, then was a rock, then a planet again, all decided by votes of a small group of people deemed experts who keep changing their minds.

If HIV and these other viruses was the cause of anything, everyone would have it now. Everyone HAS these things now like they have dirt. Same concept. Can’t avoid it. How one deals with these things is what’s important. What one believes the powers are beholden to dirt and viruses is also important.

Of course, there are those who are not slaves to these whacked out systems of perpetual misunderstandings, and routine calls to war, and those who know that it’s not the virus that is cause at all, which when you analyze it fully, becomes crystal clear that we have been lied to or infected by lies spread by others.

Testing for lies is what’s important now, and utilizing antibodies, our system of allowing cheap labor to clean house efficiently so we have more resources to do other things.

Image credits – Google News snapshot August 19, 2016 and NASA image in the public domain found here on Wikipedia keeping in mind that the Mars Rover might actually have been never really seen on Mars but merely here on Mars like sets. Those theories are spreading like dirt.