Target is adding separate private bathrooms that don’t have issues with gender identity. That means these bathrooms will not be Fundamentalist Christians that whack their Bibles over the heads of lawmakers and people who want to piss in the right places. Hooray!

Each bathroom according to their investors report will cost shareholders about 3 to 4 cents per share of stock they own. So those who are multi millionaires that own gobs of shares, will effectively be paying more to help alleviate these concerns about gender changing individuals. I mean it’s not like they get a bill for this, it’s just that it’s costing the company that much in share value. I would guess that most multi-gobholders are conservative? That’s just a guess though.

Speaking of changing, people routinely change clothes and dressing rooms don’t seem to have an issue about transclothing identity, and people change identities to entertain us better with their movies and other show business paraphernalia yet transthumperers don’t make an issue of that. Gee why? Is it that it’s not in the Bible, or is it that such issues are pretty stupid as they are all about material stuff and God doesn’t really care about the body, he cares about the soul, and souls don’t have any gender.

In other words, now think about this, if souls don’t have gender, there is no issue in the eyes of God. Maybe in the eyes of the Bible there is, but we don’t worship the Bible, do we?

So the total cost of each of these 265 new bathrooms (one for every store that doesn’t have one) is about $65,000 each. I say send the bill to Bible publishers and bible pushers. They are the ones that started all this.

Also, I wonder how many homes could have been bought (instead of store bathrooms) with 3 to 4 cents per share? Hmm, that comes out to, for a $65,000 home, 265 of them.

I mean like why solve the homeless problem when what this country really needs is more bathrooms!

Image credit by Cmglee (Own work)