If you want to be healthy I think one way of doing it is to fuck and get fucked the way nature intended more often.!

When a dick fucks many ass holes it helps spread around good healthy bacteria, different strains, that are good for they immune system, 70% of which or more lies in the entire digestive and absorption process found between our mouths and our anuses.

These “one size fits all” fear campaigns that are routinely put out by government bodies that are infected by becoming a little too intimate with Miss Understanding (a transexual with both female and male body parts) that are trying to always protect u$ don’t fit every human any more than separate bathrooms do.

All this crap about STD’s** being the big scary thing and reason to build Great Barrier Penis Walls using tree sap to “protect us” from immigrant viruses is rather Miss Placed when it’s obvious they have ways of getting past those walls and through them anyway.

And when we are healthy our bodies create barriers better than condoms.

The two primary ones are called healthy skin and antibodies.

Where the real scare is, when you understand the body processes, is not having all the good bacteria we need and the building materials that make healthy cells.

The reasons we may not have these great bacterias is more than one, such as how sugars in the diet can make sucky bacterias flourish out of control, and oil slicks that occur when people eat healthy salads and smother them in salad dressings, sometimes creating immune system environmental disasters, but it’s clear, having the good bacterias in your system fucking each other is paramount to health.

Thus, I think it’s high/time to start promoting FMT’s.*

Another option toward better health is to look into the functions of good bacteria. For some that would require removing that condom they placed over their heads so they can see clear. It’s a condom they used to protect them from understanding the bigger world of bacteria around us, and how transmitting these good ones is healthy even when the transmission of these healthy bacterias is by cocks.

So it’s time we read up on poop transplants.

Yes indeed, the medical world is transferring one person’s poop into another to make them healthy again.

No shit.

Of course you can do this easily yourself, and it’s more fun than seeing the doctor.

Also note, fucking one’s self never helps.

*reference Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT’s) on Wikipedia

**STD’s is an erroneous acronym because it’s viruses that transmit, not disease (disease is a complex condition of a body that cannot be transmitted, it’s developed so they would be accurately referred to as STV’s)

!for the movie version of this performance to give added drama the director adds sounds and scenes of bodies hitting the floor fainting as we also hear gasps of astonishment, horror, with added screams of outrage from certain establishment authorities who cannot fathom such things in the realm of health even though they are well documented

image credit Jacobo Werther