Many LGBT/QWERTY’s are realizing that politics as usual is what we get if we have more of the same Clintoncy in the White House (which is sometimes lit up rainbow) so they are voting for Trump instead of Hillary. Yes, gays and QWERTY’s are voting for Trump.

So the climate in Washington is changing and Trump’s position on climate change is that it’s a farce. I agree. Democrats can’t seem to understand this.

If it isn’t a farce, someone please show me your CO2 blanket you sleep with at night in the dead of winter and show me a video of how you are not shivering under that blanket of protective air that “traps heat” then I will believe you and all these other farcesters that our planet can’t cool itself each night when it’s surrounded by sub zero temperatures hovering around -458 degrees that stretch out for zillions of trillions of bazillions of octillions of infinite miles at that -458 degree temperature.

Trump isn’t so gullible, you can’t be to be successful in business, and thus is one of many reasons he makes for a better selection as really what we have is not climate change in politics, it’s climate same. Same old climate. It’s time for the climate to change. You won’t get climate change with Hillary, who lied to the gays and lesbians and transgenders about marriage, changing her climate of promises to support it, then voting many times against same sex marriage which was a bigger slap to the face than any that came from Republicans because she was supposed to be our friend, instead, she BETRAYED/US big time.

Finally her climate on marriage changed, but only when she knew that it wouldn’t cause a vortex in her ability to be re-elected because then she was just appointed as a secretary to manage the climate in foreign affairs which also changed rapidly.

Image credit from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of a tornado/vortex which appeared because climate is always changing on Earth, this event appearing on May 3, 1999 in central Oklahoma, USA