Blacks are voting for Trump. I say this with a strong conviction now after stumbling upon a movie review by an African-American dude named Leo Dunson who not only rants about the movie he just watched “Barber Shop: The Next Cut” and praises it’s good points, he then interestingly moves into an opportunity to be a critic about the moving images we have seen for over 8 years now of Barack Obama as candidate and winner, and how he believes that in 8 years of serving the people of the United States Obama has not changed they dynamics of the black community (referring to the problems of unemployment and crime).

He obviously is going to vote for Trump.

As you can see on his website showing his Twitter feed, the post stated that America was short changed by Obama.

Another Twitter post pointed out how Trump received a standing ovation at Black American Church in Detroit, Michigan.

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image credit owner of this site snapshot created on September 7/2016