Who’s that on top of that newly constructed building in Manhattan? One of them looks like the cowardly lion.

While you try to figure that out, read about how a mattress store runs ad for a “twin tower” sale, showing a pile of twin mattresses stacked in “towers”.

The twin piles of social networks exploded after it got video of this. People were pissed.

More LAMO’d but would never admit publicly.

It all happened a day before the earth positioned itself in the exact same space in space 15 years prior.

Why does it keep doing this!

So to honor victims and respect everyone’s feelings, and terror they feel, the ad was pulled and crying apologies were posted in response. People just love when people are made to cry.

update 9/13/2016 – there was an “apology” video here but YouTube removed the source video it was located here https://youtu.be/kOensg3xrzM

Medias have surely made billions from these stories of “Never Forget” over the last 15 years. Even the news channels that report these stories about disrespect make money. As long as stories are “respectful” and lacking fun, wink wink, your in a safe space.

The public would then never attack you for standing tall with respect.

Those who went out that space, well, the public insists on watching the free speech of having a little fun come crashing down as we saw in the apology video.

They rather see a big pile of politically correct rubble than allow businesses and individuals the freedom to have a little fun with these things like we all really deep down want to do to lighten up life’s constant media terror.

The store said it had to close because of the fear they faced from threats to their lives! Those must have come from terror groups. I can’t imagine any US citizen ever terrorizing anyone with such threats. [sarcasm]

So where this leads us is confession.

I have to confess I learned today that Godspell was filmed in those Twin Towers. I am so sorry for not telling you that this is where this story about the twin mattress sale was leading.

I regret not having told you sooner.

Please accept my apology.

Godspell is an old 70’s musical and part of it was filmed in those buildings on the very top.

So here’s my way of honoring those who died in the Twin Tower REAL/Massacre – never forget what was filmed there – never forget who worked there – never forget how blasting people’s freedom to speak creates a pile of political correct rubble that will be swept away to China for processing – never forget how to protect each other from harmful attacks by friends, family, coworkers – never forget how to audition – and most of all – never forget that all the people who died if they were here today would enjoy watching you watch this clip that is so readily accessible from virtually every device in the entire world now for your enjoyment.

read more about Godspell and it’s Twin Tower film location during construction