He does not represent my community at all.

He was banned from Twitter in 2016 – good he deserved it – he created it – no one did it too him.

I listened to his mediaific vomit and it was disgusting.

He is an editor on Breitbart an ultra wacked out Christian conservative rag and he is against THGMWGBTG – Two Humans Getting Married Without Government Bias Toward Gender aka GM which is also known as Gay Marriage.

Claims liberals are to blame for gays being hanged in other countries that are ultra super duper religious conservative Muslim – reference

He gives being a fag and being gay and being a part of the alphabet community a bad name.

Here he is “debating” the topic with Boy George (I believe this was in 2012)

Milo debates with Boy George on gay marriage (which is also known as two old farts that want to take care of each other in old age and love each other yet don’t have sex with each other because they are totally straight want to marry to have equal rights and protections that civil marriage does not employ)

video here

Some key points:

Milo says gay marriage doesn’t give any rights different than civil marriage – INCORRECT

Milo says there’s no great clammor in the gay community for gay marriage – INCORRECT

Milo claims it’s not about equality and that if it was he’d be all for it – ODD

Milo (not Spot) says it’s about redefining an institution that is the “cohesive glue of society” – ROFL

Milo doesn’t know what will happen if it is allowed – uses scare tactics

Milo says it’s “breaking down an institution” – sorry dude there is no breaking down of an institution it’s building an addition, adding an extra room, creating a new housing development away from the Catholic church!

I like Boy George’s point “any thing that pisses off the Catholic church is a good thing” and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE his comment about his God and curtains

We find out that Milo believes that being gay is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Milo states “growing up gay is not a happy thing for most people” and then goes into how gay marriage reinforces that unhappiness???

I think this guy is mixed up!

Milo says he’s horrified that Boy George would choose to be gay again if it’s a choice – ROFL

Milo calls being gay a “coping strategy” – that seems to contradict a lot of things said about being gay!

Milo says that a lot of stupid things have been said by all religions – AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are just my opinions and references.

Wikipedia entry on Milo Yiannopoulos