TRUMP. It’s an acronym. After studying his plans for the country as president (and he will be president) I have concluded that he is still the best choice as he shows great leadership qualities.

Look for example how he’s led the media around like a horse following a carrot. They are his. They are entranced.

So here’s what the acronym stands for – Trump’s Really Unrealistic Mythical Plans

He’s got some great ideas but he’s also harping on ones that are stupid, like that wall to nowhere.

BAWAMMPFI – Build A Wall And Make Mexico Pay For It

The BAWAMMPFI is the most ridiculous plan for a presidential candidate to propose. There are so many complex matters and hurdles, let’s call them WALLS, that would never be scaled. From environmental issues (you can’t just build walls straight through riverbeds), animal migration patterns (build a wall and have Mexico pay for the costs of carting the wildlife around the wall at border checkpoints making them show their tags each time?), and other things.

Nonethelesseroftwoevils the wall mantra works to paint a sales pitch which is “vote for me an I will get all these things under control”.

Truly he is the best candidate for that.

I think the public knows this.

Image of Donald Trump by Michael Vadon, CC BY-SA 2.0