Why I Like Trump / For President – keep in mind that i am saying i like Trump – if i say something about TRUMP that is the acronym and TRUMP stands for Trump’s Really Unrealistic Mythical Plans.

So it dawned on me how to help you understand another aspect of why i prefer him.

He is not a fast talking salesman, he is just a salesman.

Fast talking salesmen are always full of lies – i am dealing with that now with car repairs – always talks fast and i keep catching him in lies.

Trump exaggerates some things like that wall he will never build to nowhere, but he doesn’t talk about it fast, not that he doesn’t lie about it, it’s just that he is not a fast talking salesman who always lies.

The Other Candidate (we will use the acronym TOC instead of the woman’s name) is just a boring dweeb.

Who do the people want for a President, a boring dweeb, or a dynamic TV personality?

The answer is painfully obvious.

Image in the public domain and found on Wikipedia. I chose this image of wilting Fig leaves as they are used to provide modesty, something often lacking in politics – in this image we see the woody part of the leaf lose it’s rigidity. As stated another way by Wikipedia “This occurs when the turgor pressure in non-lignified plant cells falls towards zero”