Trump blazed through the debate last night and while the next day all the media outlets featured debates of the debate debated by debaters that debated the debated debated debated again, I prefer simple commentary on what matters, of course raw and unprotected.

At one point Hillary was shivering, literally quivering, after he blasted her. She looked like she just got fucked. She was fucked. She is fucked.

She is not leadership material. She is hair dresser material.

All her responses to hard matters of national importance were like hearing giddy women and men talk shit in a hair salon.

She didn’t go to inner cities and meet with black leaders like Trump did because she was too busy putting her make up on and preparing a script.

She brought up the “Donal Trump attacks women” issue.

Her statement is lacking an important adjective.

Trump criticized only a few women, nasty women, ones that first were nasty to him. Note the adjective “nasty”. Without it the statement would be very different.

What Clinton fails to do consistently is use the world “certain”. She does this on purpose, deceitfully.

The sentence she blabbers out should be this “Donald Trump attacks certain women”.

That has quite the different tone to it doesn’t it. Those “certain” women are loud mouthed not-funny Rosie, nasty hard core Trump trasher Carly, and I forgot who was the other nasty woman.

Actually it should be “Donald Trump attacks ONLY a few certain people” as he doesn’t care who’s gender it is who attacks him, he attacks back. It’s not a gender issue, but the cunning con-woman makes it appear to be a gender issue, deceitfully. It’s an illusion painted by a master illusionist, also known as “typical politician” which the country is sick of.

In politics the gloves come off. Carly slammed him, he slammed back. That is not “DT attacks women” as she puts it, it’s “DT attacks certain women” or even more accurately put, “DT only attacks back with words of course and not physically certain women who attack him publicly and nastily”.

So we have a total of three women he has attacked with his words. Hillary deceives though with this, she makes it sound like he just does that to all women. She is a liar. She is not worthy of running anything in the United States other than a hair salon, and if she does that, I would caution you to make sure she doesn’t charge you for services not rendered.

Another fun thing was hearing Trump blast the 30 year politician for Washington’s bureaucratic RED tape while watching the woman dressed in RED become associated with tape. That was a brilliant, or accidental, subliminal association of Hillary to RED tape in government.

Note to Ms. Clinton: Next time you run for president be sure to not associate yourself with red tape by wearing red.

Trump also spoke about THE BUBBLE we are in. Hillary as a professional politician went on and on with her claims that the economy under Obama has improved continually. She presents it as if under Democrat presidents everything is gumdrops and flower-pops.

Trump knows that there is manipulative aspects of that due to the federal reserve regulating interest rates. One point higher for these rates and hell breaks loose, stock market dives. He pointed this out. It’s all very fragile and world markets and business leaders know it.

Her response, she stood up there grinning like an idiot with a fake pasty ear to ear smile.

Trump showed leadership in understanding the problem of our $20 trillion debt and bad trade deals that the Clintons helped draft.

Trump also blasted her for giving away THE PLANS on “how to deal with ISIS”. Nothing more stupid than giving an enemy your game plan on a website. Even hair dressers are smarter than that. Then she criticized him for keeping his plans secret. Yes Hillary, we know about how you don’t care about top secret stuff on servers.

Stop and frisk – that topic was handled well by Trump. Hillary just pointed to it being deemed unconstitutional by one court. That is not the end of story but lying Hillary used it that way. That matter is complex, weighing personal liberties and protections with strong suspicions of wrong doing of suspects and the need to protect the public. Trump stated that there are other cities that continue to implement it. Hillary stated that because of the ruling of the one court, NYC stopped it. Basically they didn’t want to face any lawsuits. So crime is back up.

Hello everyone. We are living in a time were now even gay bars are targeted by nut job radicals, that is if you believe that wasn’t a staged event which by all indications it was – just review all the actors who gave interviews on TV – they are all reading scripts in the head, not reliving actual events – it’s so easy to spot!

We need a president who is strong, will attack CERTAIN WOMEN who are idiots, who are manipulative, and who are leading the country into an abyss of either political doings or non-funny jabs, not one who will tiptoe through the tulips. Trump doesn’t attack women as Hillary paints the picture, he only attacks one that are wrecking the country as Hillary has done for 30 years, one that is a loud mouthed nasty non-funny lesbian that trashes him all the time, and one that ran a company into the ground that also attacks him. Gloves are off in the boxing ring.

I think the country knows all of this and it is why Trump will win big time.

You aren’t going to read that prediction much by the lying deceitful press that sells you CO2 water mixed in with 20 teaspoons of sugar that people gleefully gulp down with a hamburger and oil slick potatoes making the companies that sell all that crap billions, a meal that is routinely shown as a soooo good on these information boxes they are glued to, they know who their viewers are and who enjoys their advertiser’s products.

Many a fag, good citizen, and radical Christianist, is voting for Trump. I hope you do too.

You watch how fast things change for the better when that man gets started on things.

Oh and if you still like Hillary and hate Trump after reading this, may I point out how Hillary admitted to believing that the entire justice system in the United States is racist. She stated it once, that there is “systemic racism” in our system, meaning all cops, all lawyers, all court clerks, all judges, all couriers delivering packages to justice related offices, all butterflies that flutter the grounds, everything in our entire system is racist.

When asked by the narrator who was audibly surprised by her remark to clarify, she repeated the same statement and added to it, claiming the whole system is racist which is the biggest most rediculous most absurd warped delusion ever presented by anyone about anything involving government processes.

Hillary belongs in a rest home, not in the Oval Office.

The Missing Adjective

I should make this imaginary film real, about one man sitting behind a computer tries to warn the world of how missing descriptives used in language can cause bad people to rise to power and how they irrationally fear men who use one or two extra ones.

This reminds me of the 2013 film The Missing Picture which won numerous awards, a movie that uses clay figurines to dramatize what happened in Cambodia when Pol Pot came to power.

Then there’s the story book of the same name where animals had to deal with stolen art kinda like how certain valuable pictures in our mind are stolen by candidates that purposely leave out adjectives.

Image credit: there is none because the picture is missing