YES – make everyone who has a penis wear a condom 24/7 or they go to jail for 100 years or at minimum place the 666/HIV mark on the forehead of everyone that gets horny in the name of safety and protecting everyone from everything that moves and flies in the air and continue the communistic push for protection from viruses that are more attached to flying syringes than dicks

NO – let people fuck each other like Adam and Steve and Helen and Eve did in the garden of Eden and worry about the depopulation of Earth later and have porn stars fuck like they did naturally so we can get turned on watching them when we pay good money for those flix because there’s nothing more disgusting than watching two people fuck with protection that doesn’t actually protect from viruses anyway

YES/NO – have the acronymaniacs continue to confuse the hell out of everyone

image circa 1850 in the public domain – source

“A NEW AND MAGNIFICENT CLIPPER FOR SAN FRANCISCO. MERCHANT’S EXPRESS LINE OF CLIPPER SHIPS! Loading none but First-Class Vessels and Regularly Dispatching the great number. THE SPLENDID NEW OUT-AND-OUT CLIPPER SHIP CALIFORNIA, HENRY BARBER, Commander, AT PIER 13 EAST RIVER This elegant Clipper Ship was built expressly for this trade by Samuel Hall, Esq., of East Boston, the builder of the celebrated Clippers “SURPRISE,” “GAMECOCK,” “JOHN GILPIS,” and others, She will fully equal them in speed! Unusually prompt dispatch and very quick trip may be relied upon. Engagements should be completed at once. Agents in San Francisco. Msmmrs, DE WITT KITTLE & CO. RANDOLPH M. COOLEY, 88 Wall Street, Tontine Building”.