A Mayor in a city/town in Pennsylvania has been censored by the city council over what is called “racist memes” posted online disparaging the Barackas in the white house (Barackas is short for Barack Obamas meaning the entire family – I don’t have a good acronym yet in all these 8 years of his office tenure).


One of the racist memes that West York, Pa. Mayor Charles Wasko posted to Facebook

So the standard view is it’s racist because monkeys have been used in the past to refer to those races of African decent living in the US as monkeys, and it has inflamed many prior to today.

Now as we delete the drama and remove all emotion, and look at this with logic and reason, ask yourself, could this image not refer to ANYONE of any race because WE ALL CAME FROM MONKEYS? This same image can be used to refer to the Bush family leaving the White House as it refers to monkey business.

I would still have to argue though, even though I feel this can apply to anyone and is not really racist in my opinion (it’s maybe homosapienist) that the city council is correct in it’s actions of censoring the mayor as no mayor who is representing the entire community and government of the state and country should be purposely posting or referring to people in such negative ways.

There is a difference in a mayor saying “I don’t agree with this policy of the white house” and such and maybe posting a meme with someone tearing up policy papers, but this kind of derrogatory inflammatory speech by a public representative is not representing the public properly and should be censored, but again, not because it’s racist as it clearly is not as we are all monkeys if we believed in evolution, but rather, because it is derrogatory.

Then again, maybe all he is saying is that the White House has been more fun in the last years than a wheeled barrel of monkeys!

Medias really should be reporting that the image is derogatory, not that these things are racist, because race is not the matter, it’s about monkey business, something pretty routine in Washington, CD.

Ain’t gonna happen though as that would tone down the drama and end the fighting, and without fighting, who would watch TV?

So in the theme of ending all wars at the dinner tables and bars and at work lunch tables, let’s just look at this and how this barrel of cute adorable animals that are so loving and kind represent all of us because we all came from that barrel and ignore the monkey business of media goons that love watching everyone fight.

image credit Charles Darwin at 51 years of age, he is known as the father of the theory of evolution and this image is in the Public Domain

other images are of the internet domain