I be head you.

Be headed towards sanity.

There are those who buy into the “beheading is a part of their culture” theory regarding Muslims which is a religion, not a race.

They remind me of the flat earth people that began to emerge in the YouTube universe when even in Columbus day of exploration nobody believed there was a flat earth, with so few lights in the way back then, all they had to do was look in the sky and see how the rotation happens.

So we read on a world news website found here:

A number of hateful posters have surfaced at a mall on Tariq Road – one of the city’s most vibrant shopping centres – lending credence to the idea of ‘beheading’ transwomen.

‘Hijray mard hain [Transwomen are men]’ are the words inscribed in large, bold font on the posters. The words are given as a reference to some ‘Pakistan High Court’ while there is no such institution in the country.

The language of the text gets more disturbing as it goes on to say that ‘transgender persons are cursed by Allah’ but are safe in Pakistan because of its ‘weak and lethargic’ law. “If they had been in Saudi Arabia, their heads would have been cut off,” it added.

Weak law? Sounds like the US! Our laws are also weak on this. So really what we have here is protesters with “Kill George Bush signs” and others like these ones with “Behead all Republicans” and Fox news will report this as a threat to our country and we need walls and ammunition and stop and frisk and cavity searches in teeth.

The women are men so they claim. If i saw them in the men’s room I would be simply happy they took a piss and shit in the right place.

Others, rather than being happy about that, freak out, get angry and claim the sky is becoming transgendered, and the Constitution is being used as thread.

The oddest thing I found in this article:

A police official says they have cautioned the watchmen in the area to keep an eye on ‘troublemakers’, who have been putting up the posters. He adds that if any transgender person registers a complaint against miscreants harassing them, stern action will be taken against them.


I thought they believed in beheading as a part of their law! Gee it’s amazing what one can learn by thinking outside the Fox.

Image of transgender pride flag by SVG file Dlloyd based on Monica Helms design [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons