Pansies are produced for the bedding market.

So. We have. Yet anotherrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dude does a video saying that we have become a pansy assed nation, whatever that is, and complains that you cant turn around as everywhere someone is being offended.

I guess his position is that people being offended is not something we should be encouraging.

What’s interesting is he’s also offended.

So now we have a pansy assed nation always offended and dudes that are not pansy assed (he does not sit in a bed of pansies) also offended by those who are always offended.

This is rather pansy assed of him to be offended!

So really, we are a now a nation of offenders as people like him are offended by those offended, and those offended like him are offended by those who are offended.


UCI don’t get offended by this stuff.

Join me in such lack of being offended sometime?

Image credit of a bed of pansies grown in a great nation by Liné1 (Picture taken with my IXUS 800 IS) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons