Oh bloody hell, this dude is a trip.

You have to watch this 10 minute talk at a “Trump rally”.

Has an eloquent manner. He spoke well. He bathed himself in pig blood.

I like how he pointed out that the US treats gays better than any country, then again, he states this in the context of trashing liberals who constantly are trashing conservative values and have been relentlessly fighting for equality.

The problem with this, which is typical of his style, regarding gay politics (and many other things) it’s more of his propaganda/poop because the reality is, Europe has been pro gay for a way long time much more than US has been, even is currently, and Canada and Europe has had marriage wayyyy before the US so his statement is not true. People in those countries have been much more accepting of the gay community for way longer already.

Thus when he goes around bashing the LGBTQWERTYXZ community, it’s really just propaganda.


Now take a MILOganda at this! During this talk you will see a bathtub that is filled with pig’s blood which he bathed in afterwards. (Why??? How stupid!) Couldn’t he catch AIDS this way? Oh that’s right, he’d have to have sex with the blood to catch anything.


He points out pictures of people hanging on a wall by the tub, murdered by illegal aliens, which of course he makes it all too simple us vs them crap and government is always to blame.

He bashes media for using “propoganda” yet we see him using it at every turn. For one, take a look at how he uses the images of those who died, posting them on a wall, covering them with spatters of blood. I find this to be rather insensitive and rude.

Also claims it’s an art show protested by the left as if it’s never happened before, more poop, but interesting.

He knows how to get attention. Must have been quite a job for his mother when he was a child!!!!

I bet she was soooooo glad when he moved out!