More reason to not vote for her, she’s a liar.

Yoko Ono, wife of deceased Beatle John Lennon, says she had an affair with Hillary in the 1970’s.

Since Hillary worked hard AGAINST and voted AGAINST gay marriage twice, she should never be President.

Trump is honest.

No more “Liars In Chief” please!

As seen reported on a news channel here

Is this the H/FLAG?


Hillary is privately against gay marriage according to wikileaks, not exactly fond of the whole GLBT on rye thing.


Oh sorry, apparently I have been corrected, she is B and C.

Here she is seen GAB.


When she’s HONEST for once and tells us that yes she’s an L or B or C then we can consider her worthy of being top dog.

Everything less than that deems Trump worthy because he doesn’t lie.

Imagine having a politician in office that doesn’t lie.

OMG that would be so great for our country.