Oh this is so hilarious, HIV, the Human Imagined Virus, can now be tested for (so they claim) by buying a urine sample kit in a vending machine.

Hey it looks like a candy bar.

Hey what’s that warning label say, “DO NOT EAT and do not swallow the load of crap called HIV”?

If a killer virus was real, everyone who has ever been bit by a flying syringe would already have it, actually, the majority of the population already does have it obviously because flying syringes are everywhere and dirty needles and dirty dicks are “how you get it”.

Thing is people are not dropping like mosquitoes which carry every virus there is known to man and others that are not known as these little viruses are 10 billion times smaller than mosquitoes so they have no trouble picking them up now do they.

So we can continue to buy THE/LIES or we can throw the whole thing in the trash along with a tasty candy wrapper which is loaded with so much sugar it compromises your immune system and instead of blaming things smaller than dust for immune system problems that weigh 7 billionths of a gram, let’s look at that 10 grams of sugar you just poured into your coffee and that 40 grams of sugar soda to compare which is harder for mosquitoes to carry.

I haven’t met one mosquito yet that infected me with even one gram of sugar, yet people do it to themselves every day, then blame things that are 700 trillion times smaller for not feeling well, where the doctor then says “Are you a fag because if your dick travels like mosquitoes pricking everyone then you are spreading viruses or they have been spread to you so let’s test you hon for HIV but not test you for your intake of immune system compromising sweets”.

source of original story Fox News