Another hilarious day in the wacky world of HIV/AIDS. Today we learn about “patient zero” being cleared of all charges. Gee it only took 30 years!

Can you remember the patient zero in the world of HIV nonsense, that i have consistently stated was garbage?

THEY, whoever they are, now “cleared him” of being the first to spread HIV (which doesn’t exist). This actually is a big surprise!

as stated in the article: Dugas couldn’t possibly be Patient Zero. He’s not even close.

ROFL not one person believed me in telling them there was no patient zero, not one, in 30  years of spreading the truth……

Now if only my facts would go viral!

In the article I thought these statements were interesting

Some scientists thought maybe it was caused by “poppers,” nitrite-based chemicals that are inhaled recreationally. Others thought maybe “overexposure to sperm from many sources was having an immune-suppressant effect,” The New York Times reported.

(of course they still blame HIV though)

So my, yes indeed, there were some scientists who had a handle on some more logical causes rather than “viral” cause of serious immune suppression, though woefully, these scientists also might tend to ignore the biggest common immune suppressor there is, massive doses of partying that included sugar and alcohol and smoke inside bars, all of which had multiple intimate relationships with human bodies and their organs in a destructive drama filled process.

I hardly think cum is much of an immune suppressor, instead it’s the partying and drugs and alcohol.

I know there is that buzz in some of these alternate circles I was in, who discount a viral cause and blame it on cum, though I don’t see any proof. I was studying that on a site from one of those guys i went to meetings and he gets all into quoting one scientific theory presented on that, which is insisted is the big problem by a group of researchers, but when I dissected the claims, they pretty much fell apart.

full article clearing a Canadian flight attendant of starting this whole mess

image credit by Original author unknown – someone who was into writing blogs back 2000 years ago – Scanned from The Exact Sciences in Antiquity by O. Neugenbauer, Public Domain, – the zero is seen in the lower right corner