Gay and Lesbian OMG I can’t find it on their website is actively promoting HFP and trashing TFP.

Hillary For President
Trump For President


They point out Trump’s former stance on marriage equality as if Hillary wasn’t riding in the exact same ship SS NO/MARRIAGE when SHE AS A CONGRESSWOMAN was the one with voting power and SHE VOTED AGAINST IT.

How this group can support such a traitor is beyond comprehension, it’s not logical.

Hillary is a BIG/FAT traitor to the gay community and should not be rewarded with such positions.

What’s also odd is they claim to be all about equality, yet this is not treating people equal, it’s giving preference to someone who is politically privileged.

Gee, maybe it’s got more to do with how they are maybe a special interest group with special favors provided by Democrat politicians?

So I read further on their site and they claim there is a recent statement by Trump saying he is against marriage equality. Hmm, there’s links, look at what is written.


The link goes to Fox News and there is nothing there. Such statements made by Trump RECENTLY DO NOT EXIST. GLAAD irresponsibly and deceitfully provides claim that Trump “recently” trashed gay marriage, yet he did no such thing. The link they provide goes to a story that no longer exists dated 4-14-2011 which was a time where many people still could not wrap their heads around what marriage really is at it’s core, not procreation, not opposite sex and sexual intercourse, it’s about tax benefits. The majority of the public still didn’t understand what “gay marriage” really was, not just for homos, but also for straights!





I’m Gay And I’m For Trump

Don’t give GLAAD your MONEEY, give IT/ALL to a homeless gay kid instead.

Image credit public domain – The Asexual flag represents a non-interest in sexuality. “The black represents asexuality, the grey represents grey-aces and demisexuality, the white represents asexuals (mostly allies) and the purple community.”

A isn’t included in the LGBTQWERTY designation yet. Asexuals should be treated equally to sexuals.

For that matter, the whole fucking ABDDEFLGBT/THING should be dropped to one letter, S for Sexual. Then it can be Sexuals and Asexuals and be referred to as AS. This is AS it should be.

Also make note that I NEVER ASK ANYONE FOR MONEY.