The Silicon Valley is stunned that Trump was elected, referring to it as “sureal and unlikely” victory.


The article seems to infer that it’s doom’s day for the computer industry. ROFL/SUCH/DRAMA.

LIKE/OMG it was so fucking obvious to those of us who don’t have their head stuck in the silicon that he was going TO/WIN.

The computer world thrived under every presidency there ever was, Republican, Democrat, and Dramicans.

Like duh. It’s like they are trying to use an Abacus while sitting in the sand on the beach to calculate our future.

What is silicon?

Image snapshot of Google News on November 9, 2016 one day after the people of the United States elected Donald J. Trump as president who will start his term in January of 2017

Abacus image by Encyclopædia Britannica 1923 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons