When people say they have nothing to say, they should be either stop talking or start singing, like how in the 1960’s the Kinks wrote and sang a song called “Nothing To Say”. The image is of album cover. I never heard of The Kinks really until now.

Nothing to say. Hmm.

So I am covering the news with a fresh coat of paint, and today we learn that Van Jones, ardent Obama and Hillary and global warming NON/SENSE supporter and frequent commentator on TV news babble boxes, has stated the he doesn’t know what to tell his children about a Trump win.



Similar upsets simultaneously occurred when the S community realized that some of the other seeds went ballochory they freaked yet oddly enough this whole thing is mother nature’s plan yet so many of the seeds continued to say the sky was falling.

Ballochory is a type of dispersal where the seed is forcefully ejected by explosive dehiscence of the fruit. Often the force that generates the explosion results from turgor pressure within the fruit or due to internal tensions within the fruit. [7]

An exceptional example of ballochory is Hura crepitans—this plant is commonly called the dynamite tree due to the sound of the fruit exploding. The explosions are powerful enough to throw the seed up to 100 meters.[10]

In a 1970’s sit-com (situation comedy) show one character would, when excited and pleased about something, say something very similar, I mean not “How do I explain this to my children”, he instead would say “Dyyyynomite!” Of course the sky was steadily in place in the 1970’s so maybe that’s not a good comparison. Today we learned of an upcoming episode of a Trump Presidency.

“OMG the sky just blew up, it didn’t even get a chance to fall” say the libtards.

Oh sorry guys, not supposed to use the word “tard” as it’s offensive. Can’t play football either because it’s offensive and defensive.

The 1970’s were such a great time for people as we can see in this very cool show. Crime was exceptionally higher than it is now, and wages were very very low and there were 3 TV networks to choose from while you had to get up off the couch or chair to manually change the channel and computers ran on punch cards and telephones were all owned by one phone company, none of this iCrap.



Finally, the liberal nightmare is over. Republicans now control the Senate, the House, and the Presidency.

Watch America prosper and the battles continue to rage. It never ends.

No one is ever happy until they turn on their TV’s, today’s date is the exception as TRUMP/WINS the presidency!

Image snapshot of Van Jones news story by Google News on November 9, 2016 after Donald Trump stunned the great worldwide garbage patch media field with a victory over Hillary Clinton

Image of “The Evans Family” from the show Good Times by CBS Television (eBay item photo front photo back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Featured image shows the Kinks cover art of their album “Arthur” with “Nothing To Say” as one of the tracks and is presented under fair use principles, listen to the track here on YouTube