Fasces. Not faces. Not feces. Fasces. It’s a bundle of sticks with an axe in the middle.

What’s that got to do with HIV?

First it’s a STICKy subject.

Next, we have a new claim that there’s a test for it using of all things a computer drive.

Yes indeed. Your hard drive can test for HIV!

Welcome to the wacky world of virus hunting.

Well actually it’s a test that’s on a USB drive. They claim they can use a USB drive to find HIV. So you may soon be able to find HIV on a stick.

HIV/TESTING on a stick

HIV testing is claimed to be possible by using a USB drive. How does one find something that doesn’t exist?

I think this great new advance means there is no better time to colonize the MOON, that is once we actually send a man up there and not produce grainy footage from a studio, and take a USB drive with that man to make sure HIV hasn’t infected other planets.

It certainly has infected many minds.

According to Fox News The researchers say the technology, although still in the early stages, could allow patients to regularly monitor their virus levels in a similar way to diabetes patients checking their blood sugar levels.


OMG I can’t stop laughing.


Boris Yeltsin and Bill Clinton are laughing at something

Are these men laughing about HIV being the most ridiculous causation theory ever discovered?

The Fox News article also stated The test, which uses a mobile phone chip, requires a drop of blood to be placed onto a spot on the USB stick. Any HIV in the sample triggers an acidity change, which the chip transforms into an electrical signal. This is sent to the USB stick, which shows the result on a computer or electronic device.

Making a determination based on acidity? OMG there are a billion things that change acidity.

My bullshit meter is now broken by this news pushing the needle off into the sky where mosquitoes can pick it up and prick someone with it and spread HIV.

Have to get a USB drive now to test for the HUCKSTER/VIRUS.

Image of two former world leaders By White House Photographic Office. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Image of Fasces from Wikipedia and is in the public domain

Image snapshot of Google News on November 10, 2016