The flaming libtards (many of whom label themselves QTBGL) think Trump is a racist. They point out the horror of his “association” with Russia’s President Putin. The sky fell on us all, heaven help us!

So as we peek out of the wreckage of that sky/fall we notice in a video a ceremony featuring Trump’s closed buddy in Russia, President Putin who is shaking hands with a black Muslim of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia with great honor and respect.

How can Trump be such good pals with non-racists, don’t birds of a feather flock together? Surely they all at least fly back and forth together when the climate changes at minimum I would think.

According to the Russian Embassy website for Gambia it states that English is the primary language there and this fun/fact,

Religious Diversity

Islam: 85% of the population Christianity and Other African Traditional beliefs (ATB): 15%

The Gambia is one of the most religiously tolerant nation in the world. Most people are inter-related, regardless of their religious backgrounds. It is not uncommon to find Muslims and Christians in wedlock, or closely connected. In fact, in many instances it is the norm.

It was interesting to hear the Russian President state: “You can count for the support of the Russian leadership, the executive power and the (inaudible) power of bodies, representatives of business and broad circles of society. I highlight that Russia is ready to cooperate with all countries in the spirit of honest and mutually beneficial partnerships.”

Featured image is a snapshot of the video