This Jeep was driving where a protest against Trump becoming the US President was in full swing.

It was wearing American Flags, which got ripped off, the windshield smashed, side window smashed, spray painted “FUCK YO” and “K” on it, and rear vinyl window broken.

They don’t seem to like free expression or the democratic process much in this American, very liberal city.

“Protesters ripped the USA flags from the Jeep in Portland Oregon. they smashed the windshield and beat with bats and fire extinguishers, a smoke bomb was set off in the jeep before i finally got away.”

I had wanted to join this “Trump is not my President” protest.

I was thinking of driving in a huge pickup truck, with my Confederate and Rainbow and Leather Pride flags all waving, dressed in tights, high heels, lipstick, Dolly Parton boobs, and in a dress, kinda like what we seen in many a wonderful gay free expression parades in the south, and then I saw how the peaceful the liberals were proTESTing and changed my mind.