Van Jones, ardent Obama supporter for centuries, stated that the election of Trump was a “whitelash”. I guess that is a term that combines the words “backlash” with “white supremacy” along with a dash of “100 lashes for you slave”.

First problem with this inference is that for one, Americans voted for a 1/2 black president for a whopping 8 years. They did this not because of his skin colors, they did this because of issues. They did this because he was dynamic.

His color/skin was more of a decoration. It was like ordering that beautiful adornment on the top of a gay wedding cake, showing two loving/men holding hands, and when you look closely at it, you notice that one is wearing a wedding ring exactly like the one being given to your mate.

Note: The cake was also made by Fundamentalist Christians who were forced into adding that to the cake lest they be fined $134,000 whereas if they went through a red light camera intersection putting the lives of people in serious jeopardy they would only be fined $500.

The thing is, like that wedding ring match on the decoration, it’s a non issue what his skin color WAS/IS.

The next problem with this “whitelash” claim is that they did the same thing with voting in Trump, the public decided their vote on the issues, not his skin color.

Thus the term “whitelash” is erroneous. The better term to call it is that it was an “issuelash“.

The public was tired of climate change garbage patches floating everywhere. They were tired of politicians. They grew weary of no change in the inner cities and small towns that were decimated by liberal policies that ruined coal leaving them homeless. They were pissed that they were told they could keep their doctor and then the doctor said “Sayonara”.

They voted for a climate of change in Washington, D.C., not a climate of color/skin.

Image snapshot from CNN broadcast after November 8, 2016 election

statement can be heard here