Fighting the world, really? More like fighting a small pool of elitist/sharks that are in a climate funding feeding frenzy, not the world.

This claim reminds me of how “the world” adopted HIV into it’s family.

What is HIV? Everyone knows what HIV is! It’s a virus, transmitted sexually, or by needles.

Anyone who challenges this, like how Trump is going to decimate “climate change” funding thus challenging “the world” of sharks in the pool, is considered a fool.

The real fool is anyone who cannot understand that needles, whether they be hypodermic or flying mosquito needles, transmit viruses.

Thus if there was a shred of validity to the wack job claim that a virus causes ISP – Immune System Problems – or HIV/AIDS/QWERTY, these flying needles would be spreading it like back yard bar-b-q’s transmit mosquitoes from one arm to another.

Fighting the world.


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