OGBC – Openly Gay Boxing Champion

Orlando Cruz states “I want that other gay athletes are not scared to walk into the society,” Cruz told The Associated Press, in an interview from Cardiff. “Don’t be scared. Be happy with your decision. All people are the same.”

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OPINION: I’m sorry, but Apple CEO Tim Cook being OG and this boxer being OG does not make me yet want to be OG.

The one thing I can be OG about is that with this site I always feel like I am boxing the world and boxing boxes.

The featured image that is in the public domain is of according to Wikipedia, and described as: “Young boxers fresco, Akrotiri, Greece. This fresco depicts two naken children wearing a belt and boxing gloves. Their head is shaved, excepted two long locks on the back, and two shorter on the forehead. Their dark skin indicates their gender. The boy at left is more reserved, and wears jewelry (bracelets, necklace) which indicates a high social status. Work from the same artist of the Antilops fresco. Room B1, building B in Akrotiri.”

One might make note regarding transgender bathroom issues.

One might also consider that the image depicted above might be one that shows the first OGBC from thousands of years ago.

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