Is the vaccine trial for the Human Influenza Virus?

They really should be clear about what they mean when they say “HIV”.

It appears it’s a vaccine to try to prevent Human Immune-eieio-deficiency Virus otherwise or notsowise known as “HIV”.

I think of viruses as snowflakes.

Harmless but when they get together and dump on us in winter, wreaks havoc.

Vaccinating “against them” is like trying to prevent snow from forming.

When, if ever, one understands what vaccines do and don’t do (they don’t prevent the forming of viral storms) we become content that someone sets up a road crew to handle things.

Viruses are always mutating, changing shape, no two are alike.

Snow plows in the body often kick in, as long as they get paid to move the pile.

Hucksters in $cience are always coming up with new products for us to buy.

I prefer old fashioned methods of removal.