This is a bowl of Kellogg’s Fruit Loops and fat cow milk.

It reminds me of Trump, bold,big, loopy, circular reasoning, colorful, made from corn like corn fed studs.

Regular readers of will no longer buy or eat these as they are boycotting Kelloggs.

The next bowl reminds me of Hillary, they are Post Fruity Pebbles, more petite, dull, hard to grasp, made from rice like Orientals.


This bowl of Fruity Pebbles is also slothering in gross white stuff that comes from cow udders. Soy milk doesn’t come from cow udders.

Although these bowls of cereal are a bit different, they are mostly the same.

That’s how I see Hillary and Trump.

And as they are both out there longer we see the milk turn sour.

The other thing that reminds me of these two politicians is both bowls are LOADED with massive amounts of sugar, something Hillary and Trump also are full of, sugary sweet sales pitchers throwing things at us all the time.

Are you a catcher?

How good of a catcher are you?

Why would you want to catch anything sugary sweet from politicians?

Because, mmmmmm, lies are delicious.

Both images are public domain By Evan-Amos (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons