Kelsey Grammer who receives millions in royalties every year from appearing in “Cheers” and apparently donates some of that to AIDS charities seems to believe that in the beginning of the gay holocaust in the 1980’s that it was “wild things” that caused it.

He stated as seen in,“People knew something was happening. And it was also a very wild time in our culture, especially in New York City. There was a club called the Anvil and places that were pretty wild, and some guys were doing some pretty indiscriminate things.”

I have to assume that he’s referring to sex and not BBQ’s indoors. People don’t indiscriminately have backyard BBQ’s indoors at night clubs where flying dirty used shared needles could get them and transmit HI/VIRUS/AIDS. People are always discriminate when it comes to those kinds of wild things.

He presented this statement as he was speaking at AMFAR event in Los Angeles which rai$ed fund$ to find a cure for AID$ and claims “we were losing 4 or 5 friend a week”.

I remember losing a few friends during that time.

They all died of AZT/POISON which was the suggested protocol at the time (the medical community claimed it had nothing else) and was used in high doses until they figured out that it was killing them and all these people who took it.

AZT was banned for use to treat cancer 2 decades prior due to toxicity.

From then to present day, they common belief is to blame a virus, not the AZT, nor blame the wild things like massive amounts of drug use, alcohol abuse, immune suppressing smoke filled bars, and other similar immune destroying factors that were prevalent in those early days.

Since then drug use has plummeted.

Sex is not a killer.

Neither is a virus that shows up at a party that’s drunk and is shown the door.

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