I read about the fat slob piggy governor of NJ vetoing a bill that would protect the LGBTQWERTY community as well as mentally ill, pregnant people, senior citizens and senior aliens, from being sent to solitary confinement in prison.

It had support by many, but he’s a political prick head so he vetoed it. Luckily that state will be rid of him next year.

The thing I want to point out though is not about fat pigs on Old MacDonald’s breakfast patty farm, it’s regarding Milo’s theatrics I just wrote about.

First, I loved when he did his thing against the term LQGBT.

YET…..when I read (pronounced RED) this article on Slate.com about the fat slob, and saw the author credit, well guess what, the indication that he writes for LGBT issues MAKES IT VERY CLEAR. I know exactly what topics he focuses on.

Take a look at how the author Mark Joseph Stern states what issues he covers.




Milo puts people down for using this term.

So Milo can be theatrical and win an Academy Award for the next ten years in a row and impress us all with his “brilliant” presentations, but his points like this one making fun of the term LGBTQ (which I do all the time too and maybe he noticed that from me writing about it) are often erroneously so bright that they are like trying to look at the stars on a quiet night in the park and then Milo the self absorbed DQ comes by with an LED flashlight shining it all over the place and in your face to get your attention and make a point.

Who the fuck needs your point!

One might also notice that Milo doesn’t make fun of those who use the term LED. I’m sure Milo has said “where is my LED flashlight?” on occasion. If someone responded to him the way he does about LGBT use, he would again call that person stupid, and if they were fat, he would add insults on that too.

So I have to now give him a big “fuck you Milo” you are a DQSCFH – Drama Queen Stupid Condescending-o-deficiency FUCK/HEAD though I guess i have to say that to myself as well regarding my condescending writing and beliefs against certain acronym use. I mean when we look at it, he is schizo, he bashes liberals who want to be polite to others, calling it an attack on free speech, so he pedestals himself as a champion for free speech, yet he goes and attacks free speech by attacking the use of acronyms.

Thus I have to conclude he’s a LOSER – Listlessly Originating Selfish Enigmatic Rhetoric

It’s all good though.

It’s like kids playing, if we took what they said to each other seriously we’d be horrified and wouldn’t allow it as we notice Spot run.

How many kids say “you’re dead” to their best friend when they did something.

None of this crap really matters.

It’s like boxing, they hit each other all the time, that’s what they want, it’s all for fun.

When you keep that tucked under your belt it can make life asomatous* and mansuetude.

Now just so I don’t get slammed for not being inclusive, here is the list of LGBT variations. Anyone who does not present all of these in their presentations are sadly not being inclusive.

As seen on the Urban Dictionary:

On the other hand if I as an author just say “I cover gay issues” doesn’t that also pretty much say the same thing as LBTUVQWERTYXYZ?

If I say I went to the gay parade, well, I think everyone knows what that is. They don’t think it’s just dudes into dudes dude they?

Who the fuck says to anyone they went to the LGBTQ parade? I couldn’t find anything on Duck Duck Go.



* The word asomatous should NOT/BE confused with “Astomatous” which is the name of a 2016 film starring Jack Campbell

Feature image of a 1800’s era painting by Antonio Cortina Farin shows Ruth, a biblical woman who was mansuetude in her way of life. This image is in the public domain worldwide.