Before the election ultra-liberal fat ass film maker Michael Moore started doing a number of interviews on TV telling everyone that Trump was going to win the election, berating liberals in a smooth as ketchup sort of way, trying to make them appear as being rather dumb if they let Trump win.

Trump won.

See Michael Moore gloat.

So after Trump won, Mikey then went on to explain how he predicted it, basking in self admiration of another of his great accomplishments.

Thing is, I spotted his trix early on. He was gaming us. It’s really all about him. He’s a master at this.

He was not exactly predicting for sure that Trump would win, he was prodding people that it could happen if they don’t get off their fat asses and vote. That really was his statement in all he kept saying.

There was nothing in his statements that made me believe he really figured it out. He just wanted to try reverse psychology to get them out there to vote.

Now here’s the fun part, he played the reverse psychology game, gets attention on him.

No interviews if he just goes out there and pushes for Hillary, borrrrrrrring. He had been doing that prior and wasn’t getting the attention he deserves.

Game changed, he started his reverse psychology system. Attention!

So now he’s out there saying two things!

  1.  He’s predicting a Trump win
  2. He’s prodding liberals to go vote and if they don’t Trump will win

Now isn’t that special……now, if Hillary wins, or if Trump wins, he can then take credit for his actions!

It’s a masterful trick people like him will play in gaming the public.

It’s a trick that’s been done for thousands of years.

It’s done 24/7/365/milliniums.

They win either way.

So since now Trump won, he just goes and tells everyone how he was right, and promote a new film of his, where as if Hillary won, he’d be saying he helped accomplish that because of his reverse psychology maneuver, that he “knew it would work” even though he had no clue, and promote a new film of his.

He also did this gaming with his Farenheit 9/11 movie, and all other documentaries of his.

In Celcius 9/12 he presented a bunch of pieces of negativity on the President of the time, assembled in such a way as to make Bushwacked look so horrific, leaving out tons of things that he did that were good. Leaving out the boring stuff that Presidents do. Did I get that right? Something in that last sentence sounded funny.

Anyway, medias love to do this crap. Throw out the baby, show the bathwater, splash it everywhere, sell you tickets.

Alas, this brings me to what I like in film, a glass of vintage wine with some YEAST/FREE crackers and an actually GOOD well done documentary.

For example, let’s watch “Sour Grapes” on Fandango Now


OH/CRAP that is a 1998 movie with the same name. I want the 2 x millenium + 16 version, but hey, this COMEDY looks fun, maybe I will watch this tonight.

Internet Movie Database says this about “Sour Grapes” (2016), this is the movie I am talking about:

Documentary about the fine and rare wine auction market centering around a counterfeiter who befriended the rich and powerful and sold millions of dollars of fraudulent wine through the top auction houses.

I always feel like I am being sold fraudulent stuff by Michael Moore when I hear him so I encourage you to see documentaries and TV segments that are actually good like this one I mentioned SOUR GRAPES which has high ratings by viewers.

Predictions predictions

In another rant, Moore claims that Trump is “going to get us killed” dooming us to another 9/11 attack.

Yea, this is what these hucksters do, scare people to get your attention. Then it’s either put money in the collection plate at church to save your soul, or sell their stories on TV, books, etc. Moore’s a master at this, surely he’s making money in the stock market, pension plans that have companies he “hates”, etc..

Now take a look at how this could play out, the US gets attacked again, he says “see I told you” and sells you more stuff, and if it doesn’t happen, which is the more likely scene, he says “We are just so lucky, now that 4 years have passed we can vote him out” and on and on and on and sells you more stuff.

What a complete waste of time, focus, and energy.

Do your homework instead of watching this crap.

Go get yourself a Bachelor’s degree.

I thank God that the American public wasn’t fooled this Presidential election, and picked a guy who’s strong like Popeye and balanced like a boat riding the world’s biggest recorded tsunami wave that rose 1,740 feet in the Lituya Bay in 1958 which of course was caused by climate change – ROFL.

To get a perspective of how large that wave was, it’s just 36 feet shorter than WTC when it was standing, but that includes the mast.

At the 107th floor people could go up to an outdoor viewing platform on the 110th floor at a height of 1,377 ft.

So the floor here visitors would see a 363 foot high wall of water above them. [1]


Viewers atop Two World Trade Center observation deck looking north toward mid-Manhattan on June 21, 1984 by TedQuackenbush

Wait, that sounds funny. How the fuck can there be a wall of water 1,740 feet high? This is bullshit.

Wikipedia states:

The same topography that leads to the heavy tidal currents also created the highest wave from a tsunami in recorded history. On July 9, 1958, an earthquake caused a landslide in the Gilbert Inlet at the head of the bay, generating a massive megatsunami measuring between 100 ft (30 m) and 300 ft (91 m). The subsequent breaking wave possessed sufficient power to snap off all the trees up to 1,720 feet (520 m) high on the slope directly opposite the landslide.

Gamed again!

Medias just love this shit.

So the wave actually was a max of 300 feet.

That’s 5.8 times smaller.

Reminds me of when dudes exaggerate their dick size.

Also reminds me of the Human Influenza Virus and the exaggerations surrounding it.

The 1,720 feet number is up the slope of the mountain. It’s like a sloshing bathtub or pool when someone jumps in, the wave moves up the slope.

This slope had trees on the side of this mountain. These trees were say 50 feet tall.

So the slosh went up the side of the mountain 1,670 feet high.

To put that into perspective, that’s about 1/5th up the side of the mountain right next to Palm Springs and remember, there was no 1,720 foot high wall of water as was claimed by gamers.


Feature image of Michael Moore at the march against Trump post Trump win is by mathiaswasik from New York City, USA

[1] Adams, Arthur G. (1996). The Hudson River Guidebook. Fordham University Press. p. 87. ISBN 0-8232-1679-9.

Palm Springs area image with San Jacinto mountains that are about 10,000 feet high at their peak by Wingtipvortex at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,