Some people don’t even know what these are. It’s a pay phone.

Actually it’s not a pay phone, but an image of a pay phone embossed into plastic in the shape of a cover for an iPhone.

Real pay phones have gone the way of the dodo.

Let’s make a call on this retro phone case cover.

Call did not go through.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

  1. This is a phone cover, it’s not a real phone
  2. This is retro phone image

Things that are retro are not the original nor can do what the original did.

Elvis was a real person up until 1977 when he died. Now everything we see of him looking alive is retro. Not the same. Cannot do the same thing yet sometimes looks eerily similar.

This brings us to understanding HIV which is technically a RETRO/VIRUS.

This cannot at all do what the original virus did.

If you doubt this, then as soon as you make a call to your doctor or HIV scientist on this pay phone and get through, I will believe that you have been told correctly that retroviruses have the ability to do the same thing as original viruses.

I will need to hear proof of the call to believe you.

The answering party can babble all they want as they have for 30 centuries now about how HIV has the ability to bla bla bla, that’s fine, just as long as they get through on this retro phone.


Another point is that people may have this phone cover to fool people into believing that they are actually using a pay phone. This may fool some of the people some of the time, or all of the HIV cult fans all of the time, but like with the concept tha HIV (a retrovirus) has any ability to make a call to a cell and say “Hey fucker I’m going to destroy you” is about as absurd as asking this pay phone to make a call to have some service guy come to your  home to repair your land line where this pay phone is connected.

Maybe you could use this to place a call to the 1980’s like the HIV cult would have you believe is possible with retro viruses which are HARM/LESS.

What’s amazing to hear when you make a non-retro phone call today on the internet, is how skewed science on this matter has become. Even Wikipedia has retrovirology wrong.

At one time the father of retrovirology Peter Duesberg was well respected by those in his class, but since AIDS hysteria took hold long ago, as with climate science that supposedly has 98% of all scientists in agreement, the majority of science has turned against him regardless of how mixed up their theories have mutated.

Yet his arguments are the only ones that stand the test of solid logic. It’s like claiming that George Washington had it all wrong.


Scuze me I have to take this call, it’s Elvis. Says he heard about HIV and wants to get tested.