Two guys got kicked off a plane for what they claim was merely speaking Arabic. Thing is this guy Adam Saleh has done pranks and is quite the YouTube star.

Already this flick is at over 2 million views with plenty of other pranks he’s done.

Note the hand on head trick and Shakespear’s claim that the world is a stage and we are all just players.

Here’s his version, let’s see if we can get his views up to 3 million:

Ah, it’s now way past 4 million as of Christmas Day. Beat my goal!

Now here’s a different view, a critique by some obviously racist white dude:

So this leads me to other hoaxes.

Someone should also critique HIV this same way.

HIV (Hoaxes In Virology)

This stunt is HIV also, Hoaxes In Vehicles. The plane is a vehicle.