I watch TV though very little of it anymore as it’s all so much crap. If you watch TV you see ads. Sometimes you block those ads by switching channels, or by muting the sound, or by turning away and going into another room, when the ad you avoided is over, you continue to watch your program. It might be news,  or it might be an entertaining situation comedy.

What doesn’t happen is the TV shutting down, stopping you with a big block from continuing without watching the advertisement, yet this is exactly what some stupid websites do now. They won’t let you read the article unless you turn off your ad blockers.

People who do this are blockheads. That is what a blockhead does, they think with their head that blocking visitors from seeing what they have to offer is going to get them to do what they demand, rather than just click to a search engine and find that same article elsewhere.

Blockheads should be fired. They are obviously libtards.

Trump wouldn’t put up with this in his organization.

Here is what Business Insider did to me when I tried to view it’s golden goose through 10 windows.


The thing that is so incredibly stupid about all this blocking crap, is all they have to do is insert a jpg image of the ad they want me to see as a part of the page, served up by the same domain, and not a 3rd party. This would be like the newspaper showing ads next to a story, like hey, that actually works.

But no, instead they do this shit, slap the customer in the face with attitude.

When I encounter these, I stop ever going to their site. They are worthless to me. The brand is garbage to me.

This defensive tactic does not keep the game going.

The game involves the players and the audience as game playing participants.

In sports, a defense tries to stop a goal from being made.

It’s like these stupid web programmers, CEO’s making decisions, all think that this is a football field, stop the player from playing completely unless they are forced to sit and watch and omg pay each time they look around and analyze the playing field!

It’s like going to a hockey game and they won’t let you wear ad blocking dark glasses inside, and when you try to focus on the game, and the ad police see that you are not focusing on the ads first, they flash super bright LED lights in your face and keep doing that until you agree to look at the advertisements.

The story wasn’t even originally reported by them, it was reported here.

No ad blocker issues there. I was able to read the article fully.


And here.