Pisses me off.


Fame extrordinaire.

Gay icon.

Drug problems.

He was amazing.

Only 53 years old.


Too soon.

Look how shitty he was treated by society when he did what all men do, cruise for sex in public.

Every-fucking-one does this.

It was horrible.

Same shit with Pee Wee.

This should not be happening to such great people.

Drugs suck.

HIGH society sucks.

And back at the ranch the “Questioner” asks, when is the gay QWERTY community going to EQUALLY demand that our icons protect themselves from being infected with drugs as a means of dealing with cock sucking society, like they demand everyone wear condoms to protect them from imaginary things like HIV/SATAN?

His death to me symbolizes birth of a new understanding of how chemical formulations are not what God intended for the humans he created and how good people have been condemned for doing what comes natural.

Speaking of condemnation, did Jesus ever do REC/DRUGS or get arrested for propositioning the police?

Certainly He didn’t have the voice George Michael had though He did have the fame and was condemned a billion times worse than drugs and homo/sex is.

So today I mourn the loss of a great human being and also mourn the OCB (Over Celebrated Birth) of another.

I propose that all Yule Tides’ from now on be referred to as Faithmas instead, to celebrate the life of George Michael who was a wonderful human being.

As a gay man I hold all those gay icons on high horses and always will.

My Faithmas tree next year will have an angel named George Michael on the top of the tree looking down at all of us, maybe wondering who our next Father Figure is.

I hope all will follow.

Feature image of George Michael in 1988 performing on stage at the Faith World Tour by University of Houston Digital Library (http://digital.lib.uh.edu/u?/p15195coll6,268) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons