The Navy had embarked on a socially “correct” journey whereas the term “legalman” or “airman” was offensive to women.

After departure, they scrapped the plan, turned around, headed back to port.

You see, it was all started by stupid libtards who are anal about everything gender related while out of the other side of their asses they fart “equality”.

They want those terms banned!

Can’t say AIRMAN!

Hasn’t anyone even remotely figured out that any of these terms that have the word “man” as a part of them are just as inclusive as anything? I mean let’s look at the word man and the world woman.

Hello there libtards, do you see anything similiar?

Ok, you still can’t figure it out, the word man is in both words.

OMG get a fucking grip on language.

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Feature image is of the Yacht Reliance and is in the public domain provided by Nathaniel Livermore Stebbins [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons