George was addicted to heroin, a BAD/DRUG.

His hot boyfriend said he had a problem with it. I had suspected such.

Some of us who grew up like George in the 1980’s daze of gay unacceptance know how hard it can be to come out.

George was outed when he got caught doing what mend have done since the beginning of time, cruise other men.

He was interviewed by Oprah (I can’t stand that woman).

George discusses his life and when he was arrested for being a sexual being on planet Earth.

He talks about how he fell into a horrific depression after that event. It was a time where medias loved exploiting such things.

Being openly gay isn’t the deal it was 18 years ago.

Gays can openly serve in the military.

Ricky Martin has a husband and kids even.

Even Apple’s CEO came out as gay.

Learning someone’s gay is becoming almost ho/hum.

People do and/or did drugs to escape from these mental torments brought on by various things.

Sensitive people can be destroyed by the terror of being trashed publicly, humiliated, and made fun of. I think George was a very sensitive man.

My wish is that humanity find ways to untorment their minds so they don’t have to get trapped by drug addictions. To find ways to not be affected by the nasty things people can do.

Losing this great person at 53 is very sad.

He will be honored as an angel on top of my Faithmas tree next year.

Oh pardon me, I have a call…..

I don’t think that call was about how he crashed his vehicle into a store front while high on drugs and had spent time in prison.

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