I think that would be a great name for a book publisher.

I’m not a fan of boycotts. It hurts more people than it helps. People who work their asses off lose jobs when sales of the product go down. Not fair to them.

So some libtards are now calling for the boycott of Milo’s new book published by Simon & Sheuster. What a dumb idea. It just brings more attention to his media machine, which I think is great, but others hate. It will publicize him a million times more. He will sell more books. This is why they are LIBTARDS. Liberal retards can’t understand this concept all they can do is react like a leg does in the doctor’s office. Knee jerks don’t get results. Picture that foot kicking up, what does that accomplish?

Let’s look at the article from the ultra liberal “The New Yorker”.


They get so many things totally wrong.

  1. Milo is not alt-right, that’s a distorted label, he’s a fag, he calls himself a fag, he publicly proclaims he sucks black dick, he repeats this statment 3 times in a public presentation, no alt-righter would do any of that to any degree it’s like MOG (My Oh God!) calling him alt-right is like calling The Pope a Satanist election hacking ponzi scheming trust fund manager.
  2. “Stunt creating white scholarship” – if there can be black or blue scholarships then there can be white ones – color doesn’t matter right? See it doesn’t work that way with libtards, they say “color doesn’t matter” then they say “color matters” when it comes to scholarships for whites – this is how fucking alt-hypocritards re/act, prejudiced against white men. If Milo was black or a woman, there wouldn’t be this outcry.
  3. “Led harassment campaign” against Leslie Jones as if he was at the computers of all those who were the ones responsible for “harassment”. Libtards don’t like free speech unless it’s coming from so called “minorities” who if it’s coming from them, then they can say ANYTHING THEY WANT.
  4. Evangelized modern feminism – how they get this concept wrong is beyond comprehension.

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