WOO/HOO my liberal side applauds!

Now my stupid gay dictatorship has to add an “I” to the gayquasion, they have to call it GLBTI/QWERTY not just LGBT/STUPID

“So which bathroom does the INTERSEXUAL use oh great one” we ask the tards in government decision making who represent whiners in the public that demand people use the bathroom according to their birth certificate, the men’s? The womens? The intermen’s?


Stanisława Walasiewicz was one of those intersexuals, as stated on Wikipedia.org:

“…. a star track athlete, who’s life ended during an armed robbery in Cleveland, on 4 December 1980.[16] An autopsy showed that she had no uterus, an abnormal urethra, and a non-functioning, underdeveloped penis, although some sources suggest she also displayed female characteristics.[17][18][19] Chromosome analysis revealed that most of her cells contained normal X and Y chromosomes but some were X0 (containing only one X chromosome), resulting in XY gonadal dysgenesis.[3]

Cosmopolitan published this:


Imgay.com honors all sexuals regardless of race, religious or athiest preference, social media platform, or bathroom choice.

Featured image of Stanislawa Walasiewicz By Anonymous (Nac.gov.pl) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons