TMZ reports that he had a weight problem and that he helped fund AIDS research.


Actually though it looks more like Michael is the other guy with the glasses. Hmm.

Would medias ever get such a thing wrong?

Who’s this guy in the passenger seat?


As seen on Daily Mail.

Looks like James Cordon with short hair.


Here’s GM with glasses he wore a lot, looks lot like that guy in the background of the top photo!


Interesting to compare how similar errors in reporting can happen with viruses.

Just because an image appears to be something doesn’t mean it actually is no matter if 98% of the world’s scientists agree it is what they say it is, it’s those 2% that dig deeper and find out what’s really being presented.

As far as this idea that George was fat, we would really need a lot more proof than just this TMZ stuff.

Like with HIV/AIDS we need professionals, experts.

Oh wait, TMZ are professionals, experts, so it must be true.

Nosing around a little more, when we compare noses and noted, we see the nose matches, so it’s true, GM was fat, so make note.

And then there’s Michael George!

Now about those flowers…..the ones people left in front of GM’s house, flowers were left there by people.


I think they look kinda stupid. They should be left in vases, ones that won’t tip over easy.

Then it looks so pretty, all we see when people just place them down on the ground is wrapping and stems!

Someone needs to start a movement showing how it’s disrespectful to the living to leave flowers that you can’t see.

Here’s something more like what I would like to see done,


Happy New Year!

Image of flowers being spread over a lingam in a temple in Varanasi by Yosarian (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Image of James Cordon by iDominick [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Feature image of George is a snapshot of a video by TMZ saying….taken in mid-September at a restaurant in England, and it’s apparent the singer had gained a tremendous amount of weight.”