The feminist movement is not what it used to be. Today it trashes white men. It used to be that it just fought for equal rights. In this image we see Wilhelmina Drucker who fought successfuly for the vote in the Netherlands and equal rights for women through organizations she founded. She lived between 1847 – 1925.

Milo addressed an audience member about what feminism has become in our current age.

One interesting point to make about people and their positions on things, Milo was at one time against gay marriage, yet he’s gay.

He has since change his position and is all for it.

This is what free speech and discussion is all about, be it on TV, in the office lunch room, on top of the World Trade Tower or on an LGBTQIERTY blog.

Oh I forgot the S for Sexual. I am a sexual.

Who isn’t?

Feature image of Wilhelmina Drucker in the public domain