This image is of Priapus who was a “minor rustic fertility god, protector of livestock, fruit plants, gardens and male genitalia.”{2}

Oh reeeeely now, he was a protector of my dick. Where was he when that gorgeous foreskin on our dicks that we never got to experience was hacked? He must have been too busy gardening. So much for gods protecting us.

And where was God and that recent birthday bash baby Jesus when that skin was chopped off our cock? Where were our parents, and our government?

Every time I look down and see a missing part of my dick I wonder how could this have been allowed to happen!

It’s a holocaust. 600 million foreskins annihilated.

In Ancient Greece and in Renaissance art, we find that “a small penis which had not been circumcised was perceived as desirable in a man, whereas a large or circumcised penis was considered comical or grotesque”{1}

Today it’s a combination of both, the large dick that’s uncircumcised is best.

Circumcision – the act of cutting off in a circumference (circle) a portion of the male genitalia namely the penis foreskin

This barbaric act reminds me of HIV treatments.

With circumcision they cut into healthy skin cells, removing them forever.

With HIV, the Human Inexplicable Virus, the drugs can be claimed to target the bad guy but what matters is not what’s claimed in the sales pitch, it’s that the drugs are more like dropping an atom bomb on a forest, targeting Godzilla, sure you get the target, but the forest doesn’t look too pretty afterwards.

This all leads us to a movie in the works for the last 5 years by Brendon Marotta. It is exploring the barbaric practice of hacking off a part of the male penis that has been done in the American culture routinely as if it’s the no worse than the mere act of shaving body hair even thought it’s permanent, and leaves both physical scars and mental ones and it’s a procedure that should be banned entirely to make America greater than it has been because no country is great when it allows baby boys to be molested by doctors who cut off a part of their penis.

Speaking of bans one has to question how a Spokane, Washington Starbucks can “ban” a customer who is claiming they are “age-ist” *** yet the massively powerful UNITED STATES OF AMERICA cannot stop doctors from hacking cock.

Here is a snapshot from an interview regarding his film making.


Image of Brendon Marotta from interview regarding his film in the works “American Circumcision”

In the film one of those interviewed is a young man who says he has multiple orgasms because of his foreskin, saying it’s something you can’t experience if you have been cut. Watch this clip in the trailer here and notice the part after he talks about his great orgasms one Hillary Clinton calling for a half a million circumcisions for young boys! Uh, yea, maybe Trump was a better choice.

Feature image in the public domain is Fresco of Priapus, Casa dei Vettii, Pompeii. Depicted weighing his enormous erect intact penis against a bag of gold. Unlike the Greeks, Ancient Romans admired the large penis of Priapus, although they had a sense of humor about it. (Il dio romano Mercurio, dio del commercio e dell’abbondanza, fuso con il dio romano della fecondità e dell’abbondanza, Priapo. Affresco dalla Casa dei Vettii, Pompei.)

1 – Wikipedia entry on penis size

2 – Wikipedia entry on Priapus

*** there is a movement touched on in the discussion link by “Shame On News” on age-ism and it’s similar to how some fags insist on not being called fags and instead being labeled QWERTY, and similar to how some Negros are offended at being called Niggers (notice the evolution of the term – from Negro to Nigger which likely was merely a lazy man’s use of English language much like the term GAY is the lazy queer’s way to replace the 4 syllable word HO-MO-SEX-UAL) so too there are those who are tired of being called “creeps” and all these requests to have public word burnings should be respected. These bloggers report that the man who’s suing “SS – Starbucks Sucks” has a website devoted to eliminating the use of this word “creeps” which is routinely used to put down certain people and is considered acceptable by many who consider themselves to not be creeps. The fag community should join his cause, now adding a C, as a human rights/language issue thus making a delicious QBLT/SANDWICH. I can hardly wait until there are no words left and all everyone who are not fags or creeps uses is acronyms.