Oh I just love this, now the medical community wants to use mosquito needles instead of syringes!

They want to use mosquitoes to vaccinate people!

Getting bit by malaria-infected mosquitoes may seem like an odd way to protect yourself against the disease, but Seattle researchers have demonstrated that the unconventional strategy can work.

So for 30 years we the small group of logical thinkers have been trying to tell people that the HIV theory is garbage because if it can be transmitted by syringes it can be transmitted by flying syringes. If after all these years we aren’t seeing people having back yard BLTG/BBQ’s getting “infected” it cannot possibly be a viral cause.

Viral cause of what? AIDS. The Acquired (means you get it) Immune Deficiency (this occurs when you have the flu) Syndrome (a collection of conditions).

Unless of course they are getting infected by mosquitoes and blaming it on sex.

So there is no viral cause of AIDS which really is a collection of about 26 different conditions.

I don’t expect the medical community to latch on to this obviousity though. Likely next, in their quest for new things they can charge you for, they will likely sell the QWERTY community mosquitoes already infected with the gay neighbor’s blood (HIV) so you can let them loose and get a vaccination from your friendly virus injected mosquitoes they prescribe for you alongside with your flu shot.

“Take home those mosquitoes and let them out in a small enclosed room like a bathroom and let them vaccinate the patient” is likely what the package insert with all the dire warnings will say.

Who reads those?

Now get this, the article in the Seattle Times says, “In an experimental trial, 10 local volunteers bared their forearms to the bloodsucking insects — and no one got sick, scientists reported Wednesday in the journal Science Translational Medicine. After the bites, the volunteers’ bodies produced antibodies that could be potent enough to confer immunity to future infections.”

Oh I just can’t stop laughing.

They didn’t get sick because viruses ARE NOT THE CAUSE.

Then again, maybe they have the whole thing bass ackwards, mosquitoes SUCK.

They suck blood, they don’t inject blood in.

This fact also proves the old fashioned “get vaccinated” theory is wrong, because they have claimed for a long time that mosquitoes transmit viruses like malaria** yet they don’t inject the fluid like syringes that humans use.

But again, if they say they do inject, then we have to again point out that flying syringes would transmit HIV if there really was such a thing.

** (the word malaria is a formation of mal and airis, mal in other languages is “bad” and “aria” is air, bad air)

other study: http://www.virusmyth.com/aids/

Feature image By Jim Gathany [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons