George Michael is said to have been ‘living in fear’ of history repeating itself after previous suicides in his family.  Was so haunted by the suicides of his grandfather and gay uncle it stopped him from coming out to his mother until he was 29.

There was a major back operation, which left him in pain, and then came the disgrace of his arrest after being caught masturbating in a public lavatory in 1998.

Michael’s mother later told him her brother had been gay, but because homosexuality was illegal in Britain at that time, he had been unable to cope with keeping it a secret.

reference Daily Mail

This is interesting to learn. It presents a perspective as to why being real with one’s self, coming out, and finding that place within where it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks as if they think something they are the ones with the problems really, they are the ones that are fucked up in the head, NOT/YOU.

Be yourself.

Accept yourself.

Live this life!

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